Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oxford Momma Box?

The Oxford Momma Box is a way to celebrate book loving moms. Every month we send a new book along with a curated collection of items meant to inspire, entertain, and celebrate moms who love to read. 

Who is Oxford Momma for?

Oxford Momma is for moms of all ages, though moms of non-adult children might find our items resonate more strongly with them. 

What kinds of books are included in each box?

The books included in each Oxford Momma box vary from month to month but are generally fictional stories (with an occasional memoir) of mothers or strong females as leading characters. Motherhood, parenting, and relationships are often central to the story.

In the past, our books have mostly been nonfiction and more along the lines of motivational and self-help books.

What is the difference between the Oxford Momma Box and the Book of the Month?

The Oxford Momma Box is a full box of items that includes additional picks just for moms in addition to the book of the month. It's perfect for moms who want an entire unboxing experience.

The Book of the Month is a mailer with just the featured book and is ideal for those who want a new book every month without any of the extras.

Are the box contents and book a surprise?

We send out a sneak peek to our mailing list in advance—though we send the email in a way that allows you to stay surprised if you wish. Because books are included in each box, we also invite our subscribers to email us if you are concerned that a future box will include a book you already own. Those emails can be sent to

What is the small dot or line on the top or bottom of some of my books?

We purchase our books from publishers’ excess inventory. This arrangement allows book stores to purchase a wide variety of books without too much risk, and we simply purchase what hasn't sold in the store. The books are brand new and have never before been read, and the mark just ensures the books can’t be returned directly to the publisher again and again.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We also accept Apple Pay. All payments are securely processed using Stripe.

Do you offer gift cards?

No, unfortunately at this time we don't offer gift cards. Instead, consider gifting a subscription by checking the 'This is a gift!' box above the subscribe button.

How do I check the status of my subscription?

Any changes to your subscription should trigger an email to the address on file. You can also check the status of any subscriptions on your Account on the Subscriptions tab.

Can I gift a subscription box to a friend or loved one?

Yes! Once you’ve chosen which box you’d like to gift, check the ‘This is a gift!’ box on the box page. Enter your recipient’s email address if you’d like them to receive shipping information and have the ability to update their shipping information in the future.

At checkout, enter your friend or loved one’s shipping information, and they’ll be shipped their monthly box on or around the 18th of the following month.

Have trouble finding the gift check box?  Look just above the ‘Subscribe’ button.

Do you offer gift cards?

No, unfortunately at this time we do not offer gift cards.

I gifted a subscription box to a friend. Will they receive order and shipping notifications? 

Yes, if you entered their email address after checking the gift checkbox, they will receive order notifications. This allows your recipient to manage some aspects of their subscription, like their shipping address. It also allows them to receive shipping/tracking notifications. 

Don’t worry, though. Your private account information is not shared. 

To keep their subscription a surprise, leave the ‘Recipient’s Email Address’ box blank and just enter their shipping information at checkout.

When is my first payment due?

When you initially subscribe, you’ll just pay for your first box, a Welcome Box that is an extra special welcome from us. It's good to note that your very first box will be the Welcome Box and not the current monthly box.

When does my subscription renew?

Subscriptions renew monthly on the last day of the month. Your subscription will renew every month until you pause or cancel your subscription. At the end of your term, your subscription will no longer renew.

Can I prepay for my subscription?

We only offer the option to pay monthly.

Can I skip a month instead of cancelling?

Yes! We understand that sometimes you need to put things on hold. You can pause or reactivate your subscription as many times as you need to right from your Account

If you have any trouble or want to skip a month without having to remember to reactivate your subscription, feel free to email us at

How do I update my payment method?

That can be done right from your Account under the Payment Methods tab. For security, we do not store this information on our website and utilize our payment processor to securely store this data, so we aren’t able to update this for you. We can walk you through the process, though, if you encounter any issues. 

When will my Oxford Momma ship?

Your very first box, the Welcome Box, ships within 1-3 days of the day you sign up. Monthly Oxford Momma boxes ship on or around the 18th of the month after you subscribe. 


  • Subscribe on January 5!
  • Your Welcome Box ships around January 8.
  • On January 31 your subscription renews and reserves your February box.
  • Your February box ships around February 18.

Where does Oxford Momma ship to?

Oxford Momma currently ships to all 50 US states. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free!

Do you offer expedited shipping?

All Oxford Momma boxes already ship via USPS 2 or 3 day Priority depending on your location.

We do not offer expedited shipping for our Book of the Month mailers. 

How long until my box arrives?

We ship all monthly boxes via USPS Priority, and packages typically arrive in 2-3 business days. Book of the Month mailers ship via USPS and typically arrive in 2-8 business days.

How can I track my order once it ships?

As soon as we print your shipping label, we send an email straight to you with a shipping notification and tracking number. Within about 24 hours, USPS will scan and update the tracking on your package. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours for that to update before checking.

If you didn't receive an email, we recommend checking your spam or junk folder!

My tracking isn’t updating. What do I do?

If it has been less than 24 hours, don’t worry. It’s completely normal for there to be a slight delay in the update from USPS. This doesn’t mean your box hasn’t shipped. It just means it’s in transit to USPS or the tracking system just hasn’t updated online yet.

If it’s been more than 24 hours, feel free to email us at, and we’ll be happy to help! 

What if my box arrives damaged or goes missing?

We do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen! If something isn’t right, though, email us right away at, and we’ll work with you to either send replacement books, file a missing package report with USPS, or issue a credit as needed. 

How can I change my shipping address?

You can update your shipping information any time right from your Account. Note, if your box has already shipped, we may not receive the change in time. We recommend making changes at least 24 hours before the last day of the month.

How can I cancel my Oxford Momma subscription?

We want to make managing your subscription as easy as possible! To pause or cancel your subscription, visit your Account and click on the Subscriptions tab. Then click on the subscription you’d like to manage and make changes as needed.

When is the last day to cancel or pause my subscription?

Payments are processed on the last day of the month. Because this can vary from month to month, we recommend cancelling at least 24 hours before the last day of the month to insure you’re not charged.

If I cancel, will I still be billed?

No, once a subscription is cancelled, you should not be billed for any future renewals.

Can I sign up again later?

Of course! To start your book box subscription again, simply choose whether you'd like the Oxford Momma Box or the Book of the Month subscription and checkout.

We also offer the option to pause your subscription any time if you’d prefer to skip the month instead of cancelling. This can be done right from your Account.

Yes! While we are not able to accept refunds because an item wasn't to someone's personal taste, if something arrives damaged or broken, please reach out to us for a replacement or refund at our discretion at Because we do provide the title of the book in advance upon request, we are not able to accept refund requests on undamaged books. Please see our Refund Policy for more details.

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