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12 Unique Self-care Resolutions From Moms You Need To Make

Self-care Resolutions for Moms

Moms are fantastical unicorns who too often make sure everyone else is taken care of and forget about themselves. So, we chatted with 10 busy moms who are making self-care a focus for their new year. We asked how they’re putting themselves higher on the priority list, and these are the self-care resolutions from moms […]

5 Minute Self-care for Moms Who are Just Plain Overwhelmed [FREE PRINTABLE]

Self-Care for Moms + Free Printable Positive Affirmations for Moms - Oxford Momma

It’s easy to think of self-care as the exclusive domain of pampering yourself, and there is no doubt that can be a part of it. But there are a multitude of other self-care activities outside of enjoying a bath or giving yourself an at-home facial. Self-care for moms especially needs to be quick and often […]

Self-care Hacks for Busy Moms When a Bath Isn’t Happening

Self-care for Busy Moms - Easy Hacks to Make Your Shower Time as Luxurious as a Bath

I am the queen of baths, and I practice a lot of self-care by just relaxing in the bath. I sit alone with my thoughts, read a book, sip a glass of wine, pamper my face, exfoliate my body, and more. It’s a whole experience for me. With a busy schedule and crazy kids, though, […]